The Last Stand Mixtape vol. 1

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Thanks to....

Reed Bobroff for being one of the initial visionaries of this project and for laying down much of the foundation for this project. 

Jourdan Bennet-Begaye for working on Press Releases & publicity for The Last Stand Mixtape Vol. 1.

Marlon Footracer for helping with the fundraising for The Last Stand Mixtape Vol. 1

Mic Jordan for the graphic & design work of The Last Stand MIxtape Vol. 1. 

Jarrett Martineau and Revolutions Per Minute for hosting the exclusive 1st listen on their website. 

Marcus Redshirt for being on our promotion team. He is a youth member of Dances With Words and serves as the youth representative on the project. Watch for him on Vol. 2

Tanaya Winder for also co-piloting this project from its inception and taking it through its production to it's drop date. 

and last but certainly not least

Diles,  a certified audio engineer, beat maker, emcee, producer, and co-operator out of Central Root Studios in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he has his hand in several different projects ranging from his Green Chile in the Air mixtape series to full-length albums with great Hip-Hop and spoken word artists. The architect behind Visceral View Entertainment, he defines his work as "conviction arising from one's mental or spiritual being, obtained through intuition rather than reasoning." This professional oriented arts collective is focused on nourishing creative community and developing young artists. Twitter: @DilesMusic Website: Visceral View  & Central Root Studios   

and finally to all those who contributed to our online fundraiser, without you the mixtape would not exist. 


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